Use Earnings IQ to build actionable strategies using relative and absolute earnings trends with aggregate predictive analytics.

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    Custom Earnings Portfolios

    Use Earnings IQ to search for and view cumulative post-earnings stock gains over time. View average win rates, gain/loss per symbol, earnings surprise trends. Construct portfolios of multiple symbols to view aggregate portfolio earnings performance over time.



    Earnings Season Dashboard

    Use the Earnings IQ dashboard as a guide within each quarter to see how many companies have reported and how many are yet to report, and on what day. This allows users to see when the bulk of companies are reporting to assist in strategy planning and logistics.


    Search By Metrics

    Search for companies matching average price change and average profit/loss by varying post earnings holding periods.

    Long or Short

    Compare historical performance for strategies looking at the highest positive or negative post earnings gains, facilitating long or short strategies.

    Chart Links

    Use links to external options chains, charts, and quotes to quickly view additional company information.


    Earnings intelligence with actionable insights


    Earnings Dashboard

    See an overview of the earnings season as it progresses over time with percentage of companies reported and pending.


    Targeted Search

    Search by average percentage gain/loss or percentage win rate over time for long and short opportunities.


    Hedging Intelligence

    Ideal for examining average post earnings moves and win rates for hedging and exposure related intelligence.



    Manage groups of potential opportunities with the ability to attach meta-data as well as link to external charts.


    Custom Portfolios

    Create and manage your own custom portfolios to view aggregate trade performance over time.


    EPS Metrics

    EPS trend and EPS Surprise trend metrics charts showing visual trends over time.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, you don’t.  Earnings IQ is a web based platform that accessed via the internet using a web browser.

    Earnings data is updated daily with pending earnings data approximately 5 days in advance.  Post earnings returns are updated as soon as data is available.

    Earnings IQ is free for personal use.  White label, branded, or customized versions can be purchased, please contact us for details.

    The system uses the previous months reported company count to approximate percentage of companies that have reported during the quarter.  Because the number of companies fluctuates from quarter to quarter, it is possible to reach the end of the quarter with more or less than 100%.

    This platform cannot place trades automatically.  If you would like to develop strategies with automated execution, please contact us for more information on our Alpha IQ platform.

    Earnings IQ does not use or consider stop losses in any of our calculations or projections.

    The platform does not consider commissions or slippage in any of the profit/loss calculations shown.  Any profits or loss figures shown are presented as ‘frictionless’ returns.


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